Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy 2 Month Birthday Noah!

On Saturday, March 8, Noah turned 2 months old.  I still have to pinch myself and make sure we aren't living in some alternate universe...this thing they call parenthood has been a whirlwind!  Some days are really really hard, but at least someone in this house is starting to warm up to the little guy!

I think they will be the best of friends soon!

My Little Prince -
You have grown so much this month!  I love your plump little legs!  Your hair is growing back in, and it looks like it may be reddish blonde, but we can't tell just yet.  You definitely have your Daddy's hairline!  You are still barely wearing NB clothes, but you are now in size 1 diapers.  Your personality is starting to really shine, and you smile at Mommy and Daddy so much these days. I love the new sounds you make every day.  You kick your legs and are constantly moving, and you are doing really great at holding up your head.  You have slept 7 hours a night a few times, but you still wake up at least once most nights.  You are officially sleeping in your own room, which was really hard for Mommy, but you are a noisy sleeper.  You are still sleeping in your Rock n Play for now because it's so cozy.  You love taking naps in your swing.  You went to the grocery store for the first time this week, and you nursed in public for the first time.  We are rebels! ha!  You love going on walks, but you hate it when the sun gets in your eyes.  You have found your hands and are loving to stick them in your mouth every chance you get.  Mommy went back to work, and your Nana came and stayed with you for a few days.  Nana left and your Gimmie and Aunt Donna came, so you got extra loving last week.  Mommy loved having family around since Daddy has been working so hard.  Now that the time has changed and the days are longer, Daddy will be home to go on walks with us in the evenings.  We love you so much Noah Sean, our little prince!