Friday, June 13, 2014

Noah is Five Month's Old!

Our five month old boy!
15.5 pounds
24 3/4 inches

Noah Sean,
You are already five months did this happen?  A year ago, you were barely a peanut in my belly.  You are going through so many changes, and we can barely keep up.  You have mastered many skills like rolling over and over and over again!  One day I could lay you on your back and then this happened...


You love to kick your feet up in the air, and you are mastering the Happy Baby Pose by grabbing your feet.  You do this constantly, and you are truly happy playing with your feet.  Your hand-eye coordination is getting better every day, and you can hold your toys and put your pacifier in your mouth.  You love to grab our faces and pull them close to yours.  You laugh at the baby in the mirror, and anytime you are upset, we let you look at yourself and you get so excited.

Our Baby Yogi

Your friend Mercer let you borrow his exersaucer, and you are having a great time playing.  You have started finding your voice, which we have discovered is not always a good thing for our eardrums.  You seriously sound like a screeching pterodactyl, and you know that it gets our attention.  Let's hope you grow out of screeching soon!

Your uncle Sean and aunt Caroline also came to visit you this month.  They love you so much, and drove all the way from Pittsburgh just for the weekend!

Noah and Uncle Sean

You started MDO this month like a big boy.  Your teachers love you, and they tell me you love to cuddle.  They say you smile all the time and are very sweet.  That makes me so happy!  Mrs. Bridget texts me and sends me pictures of you being a good boy.

Noah and Mrs. Bridget

Playing at MDO

You and Scarlett are getting closer, or maybe she's getting used to you finally.  You have started trying to "pet" her, which really means you pull her ears.  She is patient with you and lets you mess with her (she hasn't seen anything yet) as long as she gets to sneak in a lick as much as possible.  She will love you even more when you start dropping food on the floor, but I'm afraid you may be pretty rough with the sweet girl before too long.  You are all boy after all!

Noah, we love you so much!  I cannot believe you are ours!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lots and Lots of Firsts

Our sweet Noah has become such a joy!  We've made it past the awful four month sleep regression where he turned into a newborn all over again, and we are having lots and lots of fun.  He is changing so much so quickly.  All that crying I was talking about a few weeks ago is becoming more smiles.  We are all so much happier.  Maybe we are settling into our new life after all.  The past month has been all about firsts.  Noah has accomplished so many new things, and we have become more comfortable with our own firsts as a family of four.

Noah sat in his high chair for the first time while I cooked dinner.  He plays while we cook and eat.

Noah's first days without the swaddle.  We transitioned from the swaddle into this funny contraption called a Zipadee Zip.  My friend recommended it, and after a week of no swaddling, he loves his Zippy. It's amazing, and I recommend it to everyone.  This is one of the last days in his swing.  We have now started napping in our crib like a big boy.
 This is the first time we went out to eat as a family and got to enjoy our meal.  After this, we went to the grocery store as a family for the first time.  No more sending Michael by himself...he doesn't stick to the list :)!

Noah practicing rolling over.  He started rolling over from his stomach to his back, but he hasn't done it again in a while.  A few days ago he began rolling from back to tummy and seems to be doing that much easier.

Trying on swimming trunks before his first dip in the pool on Memorial Day!

Getting ready for his first shopping spree with Gimme!
 First Memorial Day weekend!

First Swim with Mommy!

Noah's first lesson in sharing.  He didn't mind sharing his seat with Scarlett.  They are becoming fast friends.  She never stops licking him, and it drives me crazy.  He finds her hilarious these days, especially when she barks and fetches for her ball.  Noah has learned to pet her and pull on her ears.

Noah went to Mother's Day Out for the first time today.  We all survived!  His teacher said he was a happy baby who loved to cuddle.  He was all smiles with her when I came to pick him up, which made me very happy!

His five month birthday is just a few days away...I cannot believe how quickly he is growing!