Sunday, September 14, 2014

Noah is Eight Months Old!

Well....Noah is actually 8 months and a week old.  Momma's been busy lately chasing around our little active 8 month old, so blogging is hard to do these days.  Noah seems to learn something new every day, and we are having so much fun being his parents. He's our sweet little monkey!

Noah, we love you so much.  You laugh and we melt.  You have become so smiley and happy, and you are our sweet social butterfly.  You started MDO again in a new class, and you love it.  I drop you off, and you are on the go crawling around with your new friends.  This month you traveled to Atlanta to see your great aunt Eileen, and you had visitors come to AL to see you.  You got to see your Nana, Gimmie, and Pawpaw!  You have so much fun with all of them, and you love being spoiled. You got a new plane (walker) this month, and you love it.  You love it so much, that every time you take off in that plane, you poop in your pants!!  It's hilarious to see how excited you get.  You love running errands with mommy and daddy because you are like your mommy and love to people watch.  You get bored easily, so anything new you can do, you have the best time.  Your army crawl has finally turned into a big boy crawl, and you are now on your hands and knees and can't be stopped.  You are making many new sounds, some are good and some not so good. You say "yayayayaya" and you growl.  I don't mind the "yaya," but I got to tell you, I'm not digging the growling.  You still aren't interested in food and prefer to nurse.  You have been cheering on the Vols with your daddy, and you helped us host our first fish fry.  You loved having lots of people over to give you lots of attention!

Noah loves pulling paper out of notebooks and shredding it all over the rug!

Buying the plane!

Noah and Daddy playing

Love these two!

The plane!

On the way to Atlanta

 Visiting Aunt Eileen in Atlanta

Sitting at the table like a big boy.  Having fun eating out.

Climbing on Mommy

Riding the buggy with his friends at MDO

Fish Fry and Football

Go Vols!  So excited about the game, he can't keep his hands out of his mouth :)