Monday, November 18, 2013

32 Weeks

I'm nearing the end of week 32, and time is flying by!  It will only go faster through the holiday season I suppose.  Maybe that's my rationale for being the crazy nesting pregnant woman that I have been the past week.  Seriously...I'm insane!  But I am accomplishing lots of things.

I will officially be 33 weeks on Wednesday, which is also my 31st birthday.  I have never been that big into celebrating my birthday, but I certainly don't mind a gift or two and a nice dinner to celebrate.  I certainly enjoyed my 30th birthday last year.  Well...this year, I will be celebrating my 31st by going to our 33 week OB appointment then to an evening breastfeeding class.  I cannot believe how much my life has changed this year!  The girl who never thought she would have children is attending a breastfeeding class on her birthday.  All I can do is laugh sometimes and appreciate the irony and surprises of life.  It will be a birthday I won't forget for sure!

How Far Along: 32 weeks
Size of baby: Just more than 16.7 inches long and almost 3.75 pounds. The size of a jicama 
Maternity Clothes: I am wearing maternity most of the time with the exception of my lounge clothes.  I love wearing Michael's hoodies.
Gender: Not finding out!  I have to confess, I'm a little over the gender neutral thing at this point.  It is going to make the day so much more special than it already is for us, but I have vetoed buying anything else for McBaby because I refuse to buy one more item that is yellow, green or has ducks on it. 
Movement: McBaby moves a lot these days...
Sleep: Better than I thought it would be so far!  
Symptoms: I tire out more easily, occasional heart burn and back pain, but I feel good for the most part.  
What I miss: Not eating carbs and sugar around the holidays is difficult, and I miss wine, sushi, and eating sandwiches as much as I want.   
Cravings: Pickles and cheese all day long
Best Moment this week: Washing my last set of baby clothes before McBaby arrives.  I love folding little onesies!
What I am looking forward to: Putting the final touches on the nursery and sharing pictures of how it has turned out.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

31 Weeks and One More McBaby Shower

I'm a day shy of 32 weeks, but I figured better late than never sharing my 31 week post!  This was another good week for me and McBaby who was showered once again by our family and friends in Arkansas.  Now it is time to organize and prepare for McBaby's arrival.  I have been in super nesting mode lately, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.  Here are some photos from McBaby's shower last Saturday.

 My wonderful friends from Cabot and Henderson State who came to shower McBaby

 Holly and Lonnie served as hostesses

 Holly and I have been friends for almost 20 years, she was my maid of honor and I was hers.  We have shared many of life's great moments together (how sappy did that sound, ha!)

 Me and my mom aka "Gimmie"

 5 great grandmother will be 102 when McBaby arrives.  Very blessed she came!

 Me and Michael's mom Betty...we need to establish a grandma name for you Betty!

My wonderful hostesses who made this day perfect!

How Far Along: 31 weeks
Size of baby: Just more than 16 inches long and almost 3.5 pounds. The size of a coconut 
Maternity Clothes: Now that I'm in the third trimester, I am wearing maternity most of the time with the exception of my lounge clothes.  
Gender: Not finding out!
Movement: McBaby is moving a lot...I'm starting to think that he/she is developing Michael's personality.  I am enjoying the movement so much, and I love the reminders that he or she is there swimming around.  
Sleep: Better than I thought it would be so far!  
Symptoms: Back pain, more heartburn, trouble bending over and tying my shoes.  
What I miss: I struggle with the low carb diet, and I miss being able to not have to think so hard about what I eat.  
Cravings: Pickles and cheese 
Best Moment this week: Traveling to Arkansas for the last time and getting to be with family and friends
What I am looking forward to: At this point, I'm ready to meet the little guy or gal...but not too soon!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

30 Weeks, Showers and a Wedding

This has been a very busy, fun and blessed week.  Last Sunday, our friends Lindsey and Blake threw us a coed baby shower.  We had a wonderful time, and Baby McGreevey was showered with lots and lots of love!

Lindsey did a great job with the decorations

She had these precious onesies made for McBaby.  I love them and can't wait for McBaby to finally put one on announcing we have had a Noah or AnnMarie!

McBaby received so many wonderful presents!

All of our friends who came to the shower!

Love these girls!

Mom and Dad!

This week at work, we celebrated Halloween with a party in the office.  To my surprise, the Halloween party was a disguise for a secret baby shower thrown by my wonderful coworkers.  They were so great about keeping the shower a secret!  The shower was a book theme, and they all got me their favorite books that they read to their children when they were little.  I thought it was the sweetest theme ever, and I can't wait to read the books to our little one.

Opening my books dressed as a mouse :)

I was so happy to get all of these great books!

Last night, we went to a wedding to celebrate my friend Rachel and her fiancĂ© Mason.  The wedding was gorgeous and so much fun!  So many of our friends were there, so it was a wonderful night. I even made it out to the dance floor a few times, but every time I danced with Michael, it seemed he had a little trouble adjusting to my belly.  Ha!

We ended our busy and fun week on a hight note!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 30 weeks
Size of baby: Just more than15.7 inches long and almost 3 pounds. The size of a Head of Cabbage 
Maternity Clothes: Now that I'm in the third trimester, I am wearing maternity most of the time with the exception of my lounge clothes.  Some maternity tops have been too big in the arms and shoulders, so I bought a Medium in a few tops and they seem to work for now.
Gender: Not finding out!
Movement: McBaby moves most in the mornings or night.  He/She doesn't move on command that's for sure.  Whenever we are around people and they want to feel him/her kick, our little stubborn baby does nothing.
Sleep: I can't complain!  
Symptoms: A little more tired, and I'm cranky sometimes because I just want to pig out on a piece of cake but can't.  I don't even really like sweets, but I think I want them more lately because I can't have them.   
What I miss: Now that I'm near the end, I miss lots of things.  
Cravings: I could eat pickles all day joke!!!
Best Moment this week: Feeling all the love from everyone who came to our showers or sent us gifts.
What I am looking forward to: We are very close to finishing the nursery, and I can't wait to see it complete.