Friday, August 8, 2014

Noah is 7 Months Old!

Happy 7 Months Noah!

You weigh 17.1 pounds, and you are 26 1/2 inches. You are still hanging on to the 25th percentile.

Noah, you have turned into a little monkey!  You are crawling all over the place, and you are pulling up and climbing all over me and your daddy.  You would rather use us as a jungle gym than play with any toys.  You are sitting up and learning to transition from sitting to crawling.  You get so excited when we hold your hands and let you walk around the house.  Your favorite time is when we let you streak naked from your bedroom to the bath.  You giggle the whole way!

You still love your baths and sitting outside.  You now love to take walks in your stroller facing forward, and you kick up your feet and relax with your Sophie.  We have tried many times to get you to eat food, but you are not interested.  We have tried avocado, sweet potatoes, peas, and watermelon.  You still prefer to nurse.  

You are noticing all the new sounds around you, and you get easily distracted.  You also make your own loud and unique sounds these days.  We love it when you laugh, but you never laugh at the same thing twice.  You get bored very easily, and you like for us to entertain you.  You smile at everyone you see and love being in the middle of the action.  Unfortunately, you have caught your first cold, and we are all very tired since you have been waking up a lot in the night.  You are still your sweet smiley self though!  We love you so much!

Bath Time!

Time to baby proof the house…

Always smiling. You look like your daddy in this picture.

You love playing with your twin in the mirror!

Best Friends :)

Our little monkey climbing on us!

You were told you were juicy by a total stranger…looking at your thighs, I would agree!

Still so sweet although you are sick today