Sunday, December 28, 2014

Noah is 11 (almost 12) Months Old!

Time flies when you are parenting!  I'm lucky if I have time to get out of the door in two hours for work, and on my days off, I'm lucky to even shower.  That's life with a little monkey like Noah.  He's everywhere, and he's not even walking yet.  Help!!!  Ha!  It's all good, he's a precious little monkey, and we are so blessed to have him.

Noah is a joy to be around these days.  He is an explorer who can get from one room to the next in less than a second.  I turn around and he is gone. His favorite room is the bathroom, and it drives me crazy!  He loves the toilet and the bathtub...the bathtub I can deal with, but the toilet drives me nuts.  The bathroom door stays shut these days.  He also loves getting into his toy baskets and dumping everything out and putting it back in.  He loves to open and close books, and he likes big puzzles and playing with his mini basketball goal.  His favorite thing to do is push objects.  He will push his highchair from one side of the room to the other and instead of wanting to always walk in his walker, he would rather push it.

He is an adventurous eater as well, which is great!  He loves everything I give him for the most part, but his favorites are meat and potatoes, especially sweet potatoes. He is great at drinking from a sippy  cup, but he still takes bottles and nurses.  He is still waking up at night, but we are hopeful that will end soon.

Noah can wave "hi" and "bye bye."  He points and shares and dances.  He can give a high five.  He likes to bang his hands on everything.  He laughs when we laugh, and he understands "no" although he doesn't necessarily like to listen!  He can say "bye bye," and mumbles a lot while he plays.  He likes to pick up things and show us.  He loves to pull up on everything and play underneath the table. He is fascinated by running water and loves to take baths.  He loves to take off his socks.  He is still a little guy, weighing in at just under 20 pounds.

My favorite picture of Noah from our fall photo session

This mess was made in seconds, notice he's pushing his caterpillar

Fun times with daddy!

Eating meatloaf and peas...he wants to share the peas for some reason :)

He looks like a little boy!

Love his chunky legs!

He opened a box of crackers while I was attempting to use the bathroom...Scarlett thought it was awesome!


Driving Scarlett crazy!

He's the sweetest!

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