Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Noah's First Christmas

Noah's First Christmas turned out a little differently than expected.  We planned to travel to Arkansas and have Christmas with lots of family, but Noah started getting sick the Sunday before Christmas.  By Monday, he developed a nasty cough, so we made a doctor's appointment for him on Tuesday (the day we were supposed to leave), just to have piece of mind before traveling.  Noah tested positive for RSV, and our pediatrician recommended we stick around for an extra day or two to get him well.

Unfortunately, Noah ran a fever for 6 days in a row and was pitiful...so pitiful that he happily snuggled with each of us in the chair and sat still!  (The only positive about him being sick).  We were still going to travel Christmas Day, but Noah wasn't better, so we sadly decided to stay at home. We had a sweet, quiet Christmas for three.  We got up Christmas morning and opened a few gifts then bundled ourselves up and went to the Boulder Fields to hike and to let Noah inhale fresh, cold air.  Because of all the rain lately, the hike was beautiful.  Not a soul was in sight, and the waterfalls were gorgeous.  What a gem to have such a beautiful place just 15 minutes away in the middle of Birmingham!

Christmas night, we ordered Chinese from our favorite restaurant and watched Christmas Vacation.  We went to bed pretty early, and Noah slept well for the first time in days.  His fever finally broke the day after Christmas, and he has been better ever since.  Unfortunately, he still has a yucky cough.  We were really sad that so many people who wanted to see Noah at Christmas didn't get the opportunity, but we made the right decision by having him stay at home.

Yesterday, we met my dad half way in Memphis to exchange gifts.  We ate lunch then went to a park and let Noah try out his new Radio Flyer tricycle.  It was freezing outside, but he had fun for the few minutes he rode.  His Gimmie is coming for his birthday, and he will have an extra special time opening all of his Christmas and birthday gifts.  I pray that he is well for his birthday!

I hope you and your families had a Merry Christmas!

Snuggling with Daddy

Ready to open presents!

Christmas Morning...I will treasure this precious picture always.

His favorite present?  A box of boxes of course!

Christmas morning hike with the kiddos

Opening presents

Merry Christmas from the McGreeveys!

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